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New Year, No Fear

Sometimes change is hard to swallow. I was recently assisting a client in material selections for her custom home. She spoke of how much she wanted navy blue siding but when the time came she couldn’t pull the trigger and went with a tan. More often than not, people choose to stay in their comfort zones not because they dislike the other options but because they allow fear to take over. So many clients bring us magazine clippings, houzz images, or pinterest ideas and say “This is my dream house”. Just remember, a dream can’t become a reality unless you allow it.

In this New Year make the choice to step out and try something bold!

Just like with Sarah’s foreclosure flip; it doesn’t always have to be brushed nickel and grey. Take a chance with gold faucets, a bold piece of artwork, or a patterned fabric. If you want people to talk about your house you’ve got to give them something to talk about!

Get started by checking out some of our selections!

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