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Foreclosure Up-fit Gets Some Gold

After buying a foreclosure at the courthouse steps just before Thanksgiving 2017 and having my marvelous contractor in the flash of an eye clear out all the flooring, kitchens and bathrooms, we were scrambling to make some interior choices! This is a flip so I wanted to keep things on the more plane Jane neutral side but Kayla was pushing for something different! I've always been more of a brushed nickle kind of girl, but she was wanting something that would stand out.

I'm the risk taker and the bargain shopper! Heart racing, standing on the courthouse steps, hoping to get an awesome deal for a fraction of the price. But I didn't want a risk with the interiors. To me gold is not a a common choice and usually paired with shag carpets. But gold, or as Kayla put it..."Champagne" or "French Gold" which has a nice ring to it and eased my sensibility a bit really seems to pair nicely with the white marble of the counter tops, so I'm optimistic!

We're using a 30" and a 60" Belaterra Vanity which come with a marble counter top and porcelain sink and we've paired that with gold mirrors from Uttermost. The mirrors from Uttermost are amazingly beautiful and I'm s excited to see it all come together.

In our next post we'll look at the flooring choice and then the kitchen cabinets and counter tops and we'll show you which local suppliers we're using this time!

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