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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve never worked with an interior designer before. What are the benefits?

As designers, our goal is to create. We work WITH you to create the outcome you desire.


How much do you charge for custom plans or design work?

We charge on an hourly rate of $65 for all of our services. Before starting work we have all of our clients sign a proposal which will list out project objectives and include a range of hours we think it will take to complete the project.


Do you specify materials for your house plans?

If you are purchasing one of our online plans, no. Typically your builder will give you options or work with you on the specifics.

If we are designing a custom home for you, possibly. We like to put any specific materials we can into your plans that way any building quote you receive are more accurate and there is less confusion between you and your builder.

Because we offer interior design services, we are able to continue working with you and your builder to make these selections if you choose to do so.


Are you also able to complete the build?

GO Kitchens & Interiors does have an LLC GO Design GO Build. However, we stick to smaller projects like kitchen and bath renovations, tiny spaces, etc. We do not build custom homes, yet we can recommend builders local to our area.


Do I have to buy cabinets from you in order for you to design my kitchen/bath?

No, although we would love to supply you our cabinets and appreciate it if you allowed us to. This is the reason for our initial design fee so that if you decide to buy cabinets elsewhere our time and effort is still covered. Our goal is to make sure you get the kitchen, bath, project you desire in the end.


What is included in the downloadable plans online?

A typical cabinet final packet will include:

- Cabinet plan and elevations

- 3D rendering (B&W or colored)

- Cabinet information: style, finishes, accessories, etc.

- Cabinet quotes

- Final agreement to be signed before order is placed


Do you have other photos or examples of the cabinets I’m looking to purchase?

Yes, we have cabinet displays and many samples in our office. Also, all of the cabinet lines we supply have excellent websites that are very user friendly and easy to navigate.

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